Getting Bright, Summery Engagement Photos During a Byron Bay Rainstorm

Sam and Andy were coming to Byron Bay to sort out all the details of their wedding and wanted to do a quick engagement photoshoot. I had to go and shoot another wedding but there was a tiny window of opportunity for us – so it was going to be a world record setting speed photoshoot. Plans were made, they picked a great outdoor location, I had some excellent ideas for their photography.

And then it rained, and rained, and rained some more.

Phone calls were made, times changed and location abandoned. So we did the shoot in a carpark in Bangalow. Must have looked a bit odd, ducking in and out of cover avoiding the rain squalls. In addition I was wearing my old snowboarding jacket to attempt to keep my clothes dry for the wedding I was about to head off to.

So did Sam and Andy want any particular photos? Yep, they wanted the photos to look bright and summery.


Great fun, a top laugh and I am so looking forward to being their wedding photographer.

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Bangalow photography

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