Great New Camera Rumours

I’m just back from a bit of travelling with my family. We’ve been up and down the highway between Sydney and Brisbane and the kids seem to have had enough of the car for a while.

One of the great things I’ve come back to are some huge rumours of coming cameras. I’ve said for a long time that Canon would announce the replacement for the wedding photographer’s camera of choice, the Canon 5D, in the last week of August. They didn’t do that, but it appears that the specs for that camera were leaked. The full details are at Canon Rumors here but the gist of it is that the camera will be 21.1MP, with great sensitivity and dynamic range, full weather sealing but no mention of automatic sensor cleaning.

This camera then pushes into the territory of the Canon 1DsMark3, and another rumour has Canon quickly discontinuing that camera in favour of a 50MP Mark4 camera.

Even more exciting is another rumour doing the rounds that has Red making a DSLR. That’s HUGE. And it is more than a rumour. Red have said they are doing it but details are being kept under wraps. Red have turned movie making on its head by producing a video movie camera that has the resolution and quality exceeding that of a film movie camera – you can own one for a price cheaper than hiring a standard film movie camera. Anything they produce in the stills world will be a giant killer causing Canon and Nikon to lift their game considerably.

The worst part of this news is that because of the way I shoot, regardless of what ever comes out, I need to buy two.