Skippy The Bush Kangaroo and Me

As a photographer odd coincidences happen all the time. Bumping into long lost old friends while shooting a wedding, meeting friends of friends and the occasional brush with a rockstar or movie star are common. But it’s not just wedding photography that I do. I also take many photographs that are sold through photo libraries.

These are called stock photos and I sell thousands of photos this way very year. Those images pop up in the coolest and oddest locations. My images have been used for everything from MTV to the prestige scientific journal “Nature”. Today I got word of a simple use of one of my images but to me it’s super cool.

When I was a kid I had a favourite plate to eat off. It had a picture on it of “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo”. Loved that show and always wanted to be the bloke who flew the helicopter. Here’s what my Skippy plate looked like – I’ve still got it:

Anyway, I was stoked to find out that a Waratah image of mine (click here to see the image), has been used by the home of Skippy, Waratah Park, as the ‘hero’ piece for their branding.

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