Dealing With Difficult Lighting Photographing Weddings in Churches, Bangalow Wedding Photography

Here’s a before and after image from one of the most difficult churches to shoot in locally. St Kevin’s at Bangalow. It’s difficult because of the lighting. Amber glass windows fill the church with yellow light while pure white light comes in from any open windows.

By photographing with manual settings and in RAW I can readily fix this colour cast after the wedding. I normally do this by getting using the groom’s white shirt as a known white point to set the white balance and then batch process the rest of the images with the same lighting.

The problem is that when the colour cast is corrected to the true colour, any pure white light entering through open windows turns bright blue. All things considered though, this is a gorgeous church to work in and a delight to be the wedding photographer at.

Bangalow Wedding Photographer

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