Yamba Wedding Photography

Yamba Wedding Photography Fun in the Rain

Stu and Jinene had a fabulous ceremony for their beach side wedding at Yamba – and just as the documents were being signed, the heavens opened. It poured, we all were soaked to the bone – and we laughed. And laughed.

Despite the weather change everyone had a great time with wedding photography in the rain. Some guests turned up to the black tie formal reception in casual clothes, others dried off with the aid of towels and hair dryers – others just came wet. Great fun and a wedding that Yamba will talk about for a long time to come.

Yamba Wedding Photography

Yamba Wedding Photographer

beach wedding photographer

Beach Wedding Photography, Yamba

I love photographing weddings in Yamba. It’s a stunning location and the people involved with the wedding are always super cool and relaxed. They are stylish celebrations of love. Always a pleasure to be a Yamba wedding photographer.

This was exactly the case for Leanna and Brent’s beachside wedding on the headland by the lighthouse. Stylish and fun and laid back. Here are a couple of photos from their wedding:

Yamba wedding photography

beach wedding photographerLove this wedding photo. When I took it I imagined it being printed HUGE as a massive wall canvas. Stunning.

Yamba beach wedding photography

If you would like to see more photos from this Yamba wedding, head over to my Facebook page here.

Special mention must be made of Leanna’s Dad’s speech. He spoke fully from the heart, that highlighted the special bond between father and daughter. Also noting how Brent coming into the family was just the often quoted gaining of a son, but he also had a new ‘great mate’. It was highly emotional with tears flowing freely and one of the best father of the bride speeches, ever.

Yamba wedding photographer

Thank You For Your Amazing Wedding Photos!! Yamba Wedding Photography

Remember Bianca and Michael’s wedding I was the photographer for in Yamba? (Here’s a link to an old post). Great fun Yamba beach wedding photography. Well, I just got a fabulous card from them.

The card reads, “Thank you for our amazing wedding photos! We are absolutely stoked with them and we’ll treasure them forever.”.

It’s great to get these little notes in the mail from such fantastic people who chose me to be such a big part of their special day.

And here’s a special treat. Another one of their wedding photos.

Yamba wedding photographer