Wedding Photographer, It’s the best profession in the world

As a professional wedding photographer I am constantly amazed by the people I meet and that they invite me to share their wedding day with them. So many of the people who I photograph weddings for have amazing stories to tell and lead incredibly interesting lives. Then there are the weddings that are exquisitely tasteful and stylish. Others are uplifting and touching and many are just simple outpourings of love and fun.

Yesterday I was the photographer at a wedding that had everything. Even the weather played ball beautifully. I’ll post some images soon, but Mike and Lisa’s wedding near Ballina had it all.

One quick story. Lisa walked in to the ceremony accompanied by one of the most phenomenally moving pieces of music. Just before I headed home I asked the groom about it. Turns out the music was a classical piece arranged by a Los Angeles based composer who is a friend of the couple and was unable to attend the wedding. The start of the piece was simply cello and piano before an entire orchestra joined in. I thought that was extremely cool – then Mike tells me that it wasn’t just anyone playing the cello. It was Yo-Yo Ma himself.

I have to get a copy of the music.