Great Offer for the Best Gym in the World, Nine12 Fitness Centre

For anyone who wants a HUGE discount on your photography needs? Then simply join the gym I go to, Nine12 Fitness Centre.

I am offering all 6 and 12 month members of Nine12 Fitness Centre a massive 30percent discount off my standard photography rates. This applies to weddings, portraits, corporate and commercial work – or anything else you want photographed.

So give me a yell to get some new family portraits done, head shots for your business, product photos, promo photos – whatever. It doesn’t cover products like prints but applies to all the photography costs. Did you hear that – 30percent off, and all you have to do is join the best gym in the world, Nine12.

You can’t go wrong. First class is free too. See you there at 6am.

Here’s a promo video I made for them. I seriously cannot recommend this place highly enough for everyone from people who have never set foot in a gym before to the super fit.

nine12 Fitness Center