I’ve Been Everywhere .. But Blogging

I realised a couple of weeks back that I hadn't made a blog post for almost a year. Why, because I've been swamped. My photography, and primarily stock photography, has taken me around the world again. Since that last blog post I have done a pile of photography here in Australia, but then I … [Read more...]

Medical Commercial Photography

Sometimes being a photographer opens doors to worlds most people don't get to see. That's exactly what happened to me when I photographed a surgeon using an intense green laser during an operation. The room was pretty much completely darkened and the light came from the very impressive and … [Read more...]

Great Fun Photoshoot in Japan

I had so much fun photographing these ladies a couple of weeks ago in Japan for Getty Images and iStock. Can you tell? Love Japan and hope to be back there again soon. … [Read more...]

iStock Portfolio Link

Quick little post just testing out this banner link to my images on iStock ... and it doesn't quite work - but it will take you to the main iStock page … [Read more...]

Since quitting, he’s been advocating for immigrant families

replica handbags online "I'm not trying to prove anything or become a symbol. It's just the way things worked out. When you adopt,you have to do it unconditionally. Giving ICE immigrant information pushed him to his limit, he explained."I know what they're going to do with go to my blog this … [Read more...]

About a quarter million Japanese people canada goose outlet

1 to croatia in extra time buy canada goose jacket Lets leave identity theft canada goose outlet online out of this and focus on the child predator issue of the past few years. All of my kids images on my Facebook page have just been opened to the world because of this new default. My wife was … [Read more...]

But they won’t kill anyone or create adverse side effects the

One thing is for sure, those undergarments won't measure up to claims of reducing weight, getting rid of cellulite or trimming anyone's waistline. But they won't kill anyone or create adverse side effects the way Vioxx did and the way many vaccines do. The FTC considers advertising false when it … [Read more...]

Will you marry me? Yes!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, would you like a photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower in Paris while you pop the question? You know it is equally acceptable for women to step up and ask the guy these days. Don't wait for him. He might be able to fix the toilet and mow the lawn but you might have to take charge … [Read more...]

I adjusted the angles at the intersection of the strips of

25 amazing and weird facts about how food is made cheap retros for sale When I started at my pizza job cheap jordans online , cheap jordans for sale I told them I didn work Sundays, that just my day I do nothing, or homework, etc. To weeks later, they scheduled me for a Sunday. I immediately called … [Read more...]

Silver also went up by Rs 200 to Rs 37

five held with narcotics in hangu Handbags Replica It tells the batsman the bowler doesn have the confidence. For an off spinner, having a deep point is a strict no. I old school, but this is an old game.. It is a complete one stop destination for the world most iconic and premium cars manufactured … [Read more...]