Big Changes to My Wedding Photography Studio

I’ve decided to shake things up a bit in the studio and to change it about. The idea is that I have two main types of photography, stock photography and wedding photography, and in the same studio they often don’t mix.

I want to present my wedding photography in the elegant manner in which it should be seen. On the other hand my stock photography is notoriously messy and includes all kinds of props, equipment and paraphernalia. This means the studio normally looks like a bomb hit it and it is odd having to explain to a bride why there is a Santa suit hanging over a chair while what looks like a chemistry classroom is set up under studio lights. So I am just trying to physically separate the two a little, albeit with little more than a flimsy curtain.

This morning I got in and moved most of the computer equipment but that is just a start. There will be new wedding images for the studio and new portrait packages coming soon.

By the way the new portrait packages will initially be launched on Facebook only with a special offer. Become a fan of my Facebook site to be among the first to find out about what is coming.