Byron Bay Hinterland Wedding

Remember Rose and Callum’s wedding with the Mustang burnout? Here’s some more photographs from their wedding. The ceremony was held at Byron Bay on the Beach at The Pass, with preparation and the reception at Summerhills.

Rose and Callum had a couple of cool themes running through their wedding. Callum’s favourite colour is red so splashes of red popped up all over the place. The lacing on Rose’s dress, the colour of the Mustang, the sash during the ceremony, the bouquet. It was all subtle (well as subtle as red gets) and really well done. All day I kept going, “hey, there’s another tiny little red touch”. They also had pieces of quartz rock included in their decorations. Took me a while but then I caught on. It was rose quartz for Rose the bride.

Ceremony Location: The Pass, Byron Bay
Reception Location: Summerhills