Crazy Censorship of the Internet in Australia

The Australian government seems determined to put mandatory internet filters in place for all citizens. It is a system not seen anywhere in the world but countries like China and North Korea. Other countries, or particular ISPs have filters in place that are optional.

The problem is that they are going to block at least 10000 websites from around the world but aren’t saying exactly what will be blocked. Basically, under the guise of protecting children and stopping terrorism, the information will be blocked because the government wants it blocked. On a global scale the internet in Australia is already slow and expensive. This move will increase internet access costs and slow things down by at least a third, but it could be 80% slower than at present.

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One thought on “Crazy Censorship of the Internet in Australia

  1. Turns out that the Government have done test run of the internet filter in the Parliament building – and the politicians are not happy with the results. Check it out here here

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