Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

I’ve been thinking of writing an article on ‘How to Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer’, but now I don’t have to. An American photographer Sean Cayton has done it for me here.

Not every photographer is good for every bride. Sean’s points are all right on the money but I really must back up what I think is the single most important thing. You absolutely have to get along really well with your wedding photographer. He or she is going to be right with you on one of the most important days of your life. You’ll probably spend far more time with your wedding photographer than you will with your parents and most of your family and friends. Regardless of how skilled your photographer is, they are only going to get great wedding photographs if you are totally relaxed with them being there.

When I am shooting a wedding I have one rule – unless I call out to someone, they are to completely ignore me. That can only happen if we have a rapport and they are fully comfortable with me hanging around. That way they are having fun, enjoying each other’s company and I’m just other guest – albeit with a couple of honking great cameras blasting away.