Great Fun, Great Friends; All Because I Am A Wedding (and Portrait) Photographer

Being a wedding photographer is much more than just picking up a camera for a few hours on a wedding day. There’s all the work that goes on before and after the wedding behind the scenes. There’s all the business side of things with insurance, taxes, etc … and there is so much more than that. So many of my past clients become friends. I photograph their brother’s, sister’s and cousins weddings and I can be travelling thousands of kilometres from home and bump into them on the street. I’ve got friends I care about all over the world, all because I am a wedding photographer.

Sometimes they also live just around the corner. What I also love is when they have kids and their kids become friends with my kids. All because I am a wedding photographer.

Just such a situation exists with the couple in the wedding photograph below. Years ago I photographed James and Kate’s wedding in Lismore. I was also the wedding photographer for other people from both sides of their families. Their kids have been in daycare with my kids and cared for by another one of my brides. And I’ve been taking portraits of their kids. We had a portrait session yesterday morning and it was great fun. All because I am a wedding photographer.

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