Hey Mr DJ, Got any Chisels?

From Byron Bay to Bali and everywhere Australian’s congregate, someone will walk up to the band or DJ and utter the dreaded line, “Ya got any Chisels”. And I can guarantee that it happens at every wedding too. The guy asking the question has normally had too much to drink, his tie is either long lost or wrapped around his head and his shirt is only slightly less soiled than the tablecloth where he was seated.

Ironically most of the brides and grooms getting married were not even born when Cold Chisel broke up in 1983/84. So why do I write this? Because tomorrow night Cold Chisel will start their reunion tour and I can’t go. If you are going to one of their concerts, rock hard for me.

I remember being a young fella learning the guitar in the back of a music shop where there was a giant cardboard poster if the “East” album. That’s the kind of music I wanted to play but my teacher would only show me songs like “Sailing” and “Living Next Door to Alan”. He played in a band, surely he knew some good songs. Years later I got to see his band. They were what was known as a 50/50 band. Slow, middle of the road music for the local bowls club auditorium. Upbeat enough that the old dears could have a little dance, but not bold enough to overpower the tempting jingle of the poker machines. No, I don’t think he knew anything wilder than a few Dr Hook cover songs.

Anyway, enough ranting. Long live Chisels.

Cold Chisel, East

No Chisels? Mate, how about some Oils then?