Hitting the Surf and Yamba Wedding Photography

I’ve got a wedding to photograph shortly in Yamba so I headed down yesterday for a great lunch with the bride and groom. The weather has been fabulous so I took an underwater rig with me to grab some surf photos. Water was a bit murky still from the storms but I did manage to have the beejeezus scared out of me when a couple of dolphins popped up to play just near me.

I’m so looking forward to being the wedding photographer for this couple. Their wedding sounds fabulous, it’s going to incorporate the best bits of Yamba and I am keeping the details secret.

Here’s a pic from in the surf yesterday.

Yamba Wedding Photography

One thought on “Hitting the Surf and Yamba Wedding Photography

  1. Hello David,
    My daughter, Belinda Scanlon and her fiance Ross Desborough are to be married in Yamba on Saturday 30th April and I’ve been told you are doing the photographs and they have directed me to this website.
    I’d like to know if I can arrange for a DVD to be made of the wedding and a general indication of a price?
    Are you able to advise who would be able to do this for me?

    M. Scanlon.

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