Holga, Giving Film a New Lease on Life

I’m fairly much a full digital convert but I do like to crack out a few rolls of film every now and then (anyone who tells you film is better than a modern high end digital camera either has no idea what they are on about or is too lazy to learn how to shoot digitally). When I do go old school it is normally with a plastic toy camera called a Holga. Some of my Holga shots from around Byron Bay are floating around on the internet but Wired has just posted their Top 10 Wired Holga Photos and taken the Holga appeal more mainstream.

Interestingly I once partially shot a wedding on a Holga. Someone told me that anyone could be a wedding photographer as long as they had a good camera. So to prove that great wedding photographers had nothing to do with the type of camera, I used my Holga and handprinted the photos -yep, in a darkroom with an enlarger etc. The bride and groom thought it was great fun.