Lismore Wedding Photo

Lismore Wedding Photo

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The north coast of NSW is known for its diversity and on the weekend I smacked head on into it with my bridal party.

It was a superb wedding with a great couple that will go down in history. So emotional. So much love. Even the priest cried. The same priest that married my wife and me. However he got the giggles at our wedding because we were grinning like loons.

Back to last weekend’s wedding. The groom is a very well known race car driver and comes from a family involved with trucks. On the morning of the wedding I took my 3 year old daughter to look at planes at the Lismore airport. There was a fly in of old WW1 and WW2 war planes. The irony and expression of local diversity hit home after the wedding ceremony. It turned out that my high octane wedding party had planned for photos in a location that was being used for a pro-environment and anti-war festival. It wasn’t there at 11.30 am when I did my last minute location check.

So here we are. In one day and within a 10 minute bicycle ride of each locations, I’ve been looking at fighter planes with one of my girls, been to church, hung out with a racing car driver, been cheered by hippy’s – and had an incredible amount of fun.

A bit about this photo. It’s shot in front of a tiled wall I have taken a few stock photos in front of before but having been saving it for the right wedding couple. It’s a great location and most Lismore locals would have walked past it a zillion times and not noticed it. I’ll be there again. Soon.