New Camera Gear On The Way

Stoked. Just heard that some new camera gear is on the way to me. I’m upgrading my old Canon 5D’s to it’s replacement the new 5D Mark II. I’ve had my order in and paid for since the start of November and finally my order is now in the hands of a courier and on it’s way to me. I’ll spend a couple of weeks testing it out, learning the camera inside and out and give it a run at a wedding somewhere late in February.

As a wedding photographer I never photograph a wedding with new gear. That’s just asking for trouble. I make sure I am thoroughly familiar with any piece of gear I am using before it goes anywhere near a wedding.

So what happens to the old 5D’s? One will probably become a dedicated camera for underwater photographer. The other will stay close to me for a while until I am super confident with the Mark II. It will then become a backup body and bump the other back up gear further back down the line.