No Photos, No Writing. Will Our Generation Be Lost to Time? What About Your Wedding Photography?

When I look at my old school notes they are perfectly readable. My University notes are also just as legible as the day I wrote them. But things I wrote with pen and paper just a couple of years ago have faded to the point they can’t be read. Maybe it is due to the fact that the pens I use are free ones that have come from trade shows and hotel rooms, but the quality of ink has definitely been degraded presumably to save a fraction of a microcent per unit.

Add to this the fact that people are not printing their photos taken at home and we face a situation unprecedented in modern or ancient history. When all those hard drives fail and DVDs degrade our generation might leave little behind in terms of written or visual records. From the stone age, man has left a legacy of pictures and writings but will our digital obsession mean that when the last iPad battery dies so too does our legacy?

Not if I was your wedding photographer. A combination of exquisite Queensberry albums and the best modern photographic printing techniques means your wedding album will still look stunning and be an instant treasured heirloom for generations yet to come.