On Your Marks, Get Set – It’s Awards Season. Fingers Crossed For Some New Photography Bling

I’m about to pack my bags and get ready to jump on a plane (without kids this time) in the morning for Sydney. It’s photography awards season. Time for the Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards, the APPAs.

Photography award make me nervous. I know I’ve entered some great stuff this year, but rather than being all wedding photography, this year I am entering, portrait, illustrative, fine art and landscape. Four images, four different categories. It’s like starting all over again. Three of my images have already chalked up some success in other awards but the fourth is a bit ‘out there’. Depending on the judging panel, it could do beautifully well, or bomb completely.

That’s the nature of photography competitions. Once the image meets the required level of technical competence, it’s purely a matter of the judges personal preference. (Last year one judge caned an image of mine because she thought the subject of the photo was doing something illegal. He wasn’t and her prejudice cost me an award).

This year, some of my work is a bit experimental, so they might love it, or they might hate it. Another image missed out on an award earlier in the year and the judging panel agreed on what needed to be changed in the image and if it was there, it would be a definite award winner. Those changes have been made and I’ll be gutted if it doesn’t win something.

All in all, I am confident I have done all I can. I’ve given my 110%, left nothing in the tank and the winner at the end of the day will be photography.

Judges. It is over to you.

If you see me, come and say Hi.