Only The Best – What I Use to Design My Wedding Albums

All the wedding albums I supply are custom made with the designs done to show the images in their best possible way. The albums themselves are the best available in the world and the designs are all custom, not generic templates. Back in the ‘olden days’ that were not really that long ago, custom designing wedding albums was a frustrating, time consuming process of drawing mini maps on paper order forms.

The arrival of digital imaging changed everything. I’ve tried everything for album design from designing in Photoshop through to a whole range of different types of album software. Somewhere along the way Photojunction found me. Actually I know where. My primary album supplier, Queensberry, and Photojunction go hand in hand.

Now I have to admit, in the early days I could have killed Photojunction many a time but could see the promise of what it offered. Photojunction is an incredibly powerful piece of software for designing albums. When you have the kind of power at your fingertips that Photojunction offers, of course it is going to be a steep learning curve.

That was the old Photojunction. Now the Photojunction team have released a completely new Photojunction. Remix. Photojunction Remix. Or PJ Remix. Call it what you will, they have upped the ante, made it so much better and, yes, put me back on the learning curve.

This time around things are easier. The Photojunction team have set up some excellent forums and online. The simple stuff is covered as is most of the harder stuff. The tricky questions are answered quickly and the Photojunction team is listening and adopting new features, fixes and requests.

Yeah, I love PJ Remix.