Shot a Biker In The Head at Close Range, All in The Name of Stock Photography

I shot a biker in the head at close range the other day and then took a hot girl for a spin on my motorbike. Am I meaner than a junk yard dog – no, it’s all in a days work for a stock photographer.

Here’s some shots of Nathan getting mean for the camera and Linda vamping it up.

Biker Stock Photograph
Bike Rider Stock Photograph

Had an extra good time photographing Linda with the motorbike and not just because I was photographing a beautiful girl with a phenomenal complexion – I got to play with toys. Yeah, I had my motorbike but also dragged all the studio lights outside, cranked them up to overpower the sun and also used a wind machine. Yeah, I felt like a cliche ‘girly pic’ photographer but it was fun.

Biker Girl Stock Photography

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