The Hidden Dangers of Stock Photography

Finally the sun broke through yesterday for my photoshoot at the beach at Byron Bay. I was photographing a bunch of stock photography scenarios with a couple of great models. We’d done a bunch of work on the beach before grabbing the underwater housing for some surfing shots in the water. That too went really well.

I was just about to call everyone together and wrap up the shoot when the unforeseen happened. I was attacked by a creature of the deep. I felt it brush my foot and ankle before trying to jump away when – BANG – got me. It was a stingray and I had been stung in the foot. Straight into the top of my foot.

Hurt like all hell. Everyone was great helping me and for dragging all the gear back to the carpark while I rolled about in extreme pain.

Went to the doctor where I was officially referred to as Steve Irwin. Fortunately, I’ve faired better than him and although I have a very swollen foot with a big hole in the top, I should be fine in a few days time.

Here’s a pic of me with one of my models putting an icepack on the wound. Found out later that the reason that hurt so much was that the treatment for a stingray sting isn’t a cold pack – it’s hot water.

Byron Bay Stingray Attack