The Importance of Wedding Photographers and Why We Are Saving The World

A friend who is also a wedding photographer wrote on his Facebook wall that he sometimes wished he was saving the world rather than loving his life as a wedding photographer. My reply to him has got very good feedback so I thought I would share my philosophy with regards to being a wedding photographer.

We wedding photographers are recording history. I truly believe wedding photography is not about the here and now. It’s about generations yet to come, long after the bride and groom are dead.

Wedding photographers are Gutenberg with his bible, wedding photographers are the weavers of the Bayeux Tapestry, wedding photographers are the writer of the Dead Sea Scrolls, wedding photographers are Zapruder filming JFK. We wedding photographers are saving the world. The day of the wedding will never come again. The world is different after the wedding day. Wedding photographers have saved the world of that day. Captured it, for all to enjoy for hundreds of years to come.

It’s also why you should always gets your wedding photos in an album. Discs of images are temporary. A high quality album is forever.