The Most Important Question You Should Ask A Wedding Photographer

I previously posted a comment on How to Choose a Wedding Photographer but what happens if you’re still stuck on deciding between a couple of photographers? That’s where the most important question you should ask a wedding photographer comes into play. Actually it should probably be asked long before that.

The question is simply – Why do you want to shoot my wedding?

The are no right answers and no wrong answers. The answer should be different for every couple a photographer meets. For example a couple I met last week I immediately felt an affinity for. Their wedding and reception are both being held in stylish locations, they are a fun and exuberant couple and their vision for their photography is exactly the type of thing I enjoy doing. I really want to do their wedding and I am stoked that they have booked me.

Occasionally I meet a couple and feel I’m not the best photographer for them. When that happens, I’ll tell them who I think would be a better choice for them and help them out.

Choosing a wedding photographer is about matching yourselves to the photographer. Ask the question. As I said there are no right or wrong answers but in the answer there should be both affinity and enthusiasm.