Time to Photograph a Wedding

Some things about this time of year are hard to deal with. The main one is the distinct lack of weddings to photograph. It’s a beautiful time of year to get married. Everything is lush and green, the air is crisp and clear, nobody collapses of heat stroke – and contrary to popular belief, July has the lowest rainfall of the year. I haven’t photographed a wedding for a few weeks now and I’m itching to get out there.

On the plus side I have been having a great time on the weekends with my family doing things I would otherwise have missed. Yesterday was my nephew’s 1st birthday. Just a little gathering of family but great fun. Today we did family things too. Morning tea at a cafe in Alstonville morphed into a fish and chip lunch by the river at Ballina, followed by a long drive in the country around Lismore. Then my brother in law and I chopped up a fallen tree to make way for a new vege patch – while the kids played together and yelled instructions (was I that cheeky as a 3 year old?).

But my cameras haven’t been idle. I’ve been making the most of the lack of wedding photography to boost my stock photography portfolio. My iStockphoto portfolio is here. And I don’t know if I have posted about it before but I also have a portfolio with Getty Images. You can see my Getty photos here.