Totally Unique Beachside Wedding Album

Here’s the layout of the third wedding photography album I despatched last week. I wish I could show you this in person. It’s so thoroughly gorgeous to hold and look at. All the images are huge and the album design is a bit different. Some of the images are aligned the ‘wrong’ way in the album. They are sometimes sideways so you need to hold the album vertically to see them. This is particularly impressive with the vertical panorama shot in the middle of the album. But it did cause all kinds of dramas for the album maker.

Turns out no-one has ever designed an album this way before and the album design software struggled. Then to the credit of the album maker, Queensberry, I got a phone call or email from them at every step along the way to make sure that it was correct.

The upside is that the album, from Amy and Ashley’s Yamba beach wedding looks great, with awesome photos from their wedding and a trash the dress photography session we did in a pine forest on the day after the wedding.