Using HDR Photography For a Commercial Photoshoot

Like many professional photographers, I hate the ‘look’ of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. In the most part HDR photos are over processed and appear cartoony to my eye. The problem is that a lot of great HDR images are great because you don’t know they are HDR in the first place.

I’ve just crossed over to the dark side and used HDR for some images to go in a commercial calendar I have been photographing of trucks for Mills Transport.

Work of this nature can be particularly difficult. I normally don’t have much time to capture the vehicles, can’t move them, have only one chance to get the shot and have to deal with only the ambient light where the vehicle is. It’s even harder when I have to capture a moving truck.

Here are three images I captured in difficult light using HDR techniques.

HDR photography

Truck Photography

commercial photography

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