Wedding Photography and Photographing a Wedding for a Relative

Later this year I will be photographing a wedding I am really looking forward to. It’s the wedding of a relative. A top bloke called Scott is marrying his lovely lady, Megan. Nothing unusual about that except for the point where our family trees cross paths. You see our common ancestor was born in 1794. 215 years ago.

Consider Johann and Auguste, his wife, crossing the oceans to start a new life in Australia with their children. I’d love to have a photograph of them but when they made their journey, photography was only in it’s infancy.

Fast forward to the present day and there will be a wedding of one of their descendants, photographed by another descendant. If they had not made that journey, the wedding and everything associated with it simply wouldn’t be happening. Its a small world. A really small world held together by thin threads of coincidence.

Let’s make a jump forward 215 years to 2225. Perhaps there will be another coming together of descendants. This time will involve an heirloom treasured by Scott and Megan’s descendants.

It will be their wedding album.

It will be old. The leather cover will show the glorious patina of time. But the quality of the album maker and modern photographic techniques will ensure the images are still displayed beautifully and vibrantly. The images I take will tell a story. Upon opening the album people in 2225 will be whisked back to 2010. They will be able feel the day, the love, the emotion, their wedding story.

That’s why I promote albums to my clients. It’s not so I make more money. It’s bigger than dollars. It’s about generations yet to come.