Why You Will Love Having Me As Your Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in the Byron Bay area sometimes I think that there are more wedding photographers per capita here than any other part of the world. Some are phenomenally great and unfortunately there are some that really shouldn’t even own a camera. So from this crowd of photographers, why should you choose me to be your wedding photographer?

The answer is simple. You’ll love it.

I know you can find photographers around here who are much cheaper than I am. I am sure you’ll be able to find photographers with more technical knowledge and formal photographic education. There are more creative photographers and more traditional photographers. Older photographers and younger photographers. Female photographers and couples who shoot together. Those are all reasons brides and grooms have used other photographers in the past and bypassed my services.

The difference for brides who use me to photograph their wedding is that they will love it.

My brides love the experience of having their photo taken in a relaxed, candid and enjoyable way. My brides love the way I blend in with the guests at their wedding. My brides love being able to do their own thing without being herded, directed and posed like a mannequin.

After the wedding my brides love the simple way I have developed to design their album to perfection. Most importantly my brides love receiving a stunning album that tells the story of their wedding and becomes an heirloom for generations yet to come.

Invite me to photograph your wedding. You’ll love it.