My First Award Winning Photograph of 2011

I’m still awaiting the official results to be returned but I have it on good authority that I picked up at least one award last weekend at the NSW Professional Photography Awards.

The winning photograph was this one and it received a silver distinction in the portrait category. The image is a composite of a series of images that digitally recreates an analogue photography technique called ‘slit-scan photography’. The technique was developed as a scientific tool to reproduce a 3 dimensional object in only two dimensions.

Award Winning Photography

I find the technique particularly interesting because although it has very old school roots, a similar method is used to create lifelike computer graphics for games, movies and the like.

One thought on “My First Award Winning Photograph of 2011

  1. I read a bio on Picasso and when he was a teenager he witnessed an autopsy of a local girl struck by lightning. The doctor (sorry to be macabre but it’s part of art history) split her head down the middle giving the unusual perspective of seeing both sides of her face at the same time. This perspective was reproduced in his art thoughout his career and tied in with modern insights into relativity and space time stuff. You have come up with an intriguing image, I like it a lot.

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