Same Sex Weddings and Wedding Photography

With an election just around the corner the issue of same sex marriage has become a popular topic of debate. Personally I am strongly for same sex couples to be allowed to marry. Professionally I am also strongly for same sex marriage.

Although gay couples currently hold commitment ceremonies and such, they are normally done quietly and without the lavish display associated with many weddings. This also means they rarely hire a professional wedding photographer. I feel open acceptance of same sex marriages would result in a huge boost to the wedding industry. Thus my professional feelings towards same sex marriage.

On a personal level, I just don’t understand the restriction that is placed on a loving couple. Who really cares if they are male and male or female and female? It’s their choice. Such an arbitrary restriction is similarly as ludicrous as telling two redheads that they are not allowed to marry because they share a common physical trait.

Even the argument put forward by religious people that it against God’s word or God’s law falls to pieces when put under scrutiny. Rather than being against gay unions, the New Testament is littered with positive examples of Jesus’ feelings towards same sex couples. For example, in Luke 7:2 and Matthew 8:5-13 Jesus heals the loved servant of a Centurion. In the time of Jesus the Centurion’s servant would have been his companion and same sex lover.

There is also evidence to suggest that Jesus himself was gay or bisexual. At the crucifixion John 19:26-28 mentions the disciple that Jesus loved was in attendance with his mother. Some believe this was a female disciple (Mary Magdalene) while others think it to be John, and that Jesus was in a relationship with him.

To many Christians the idea that one of the disciples was a woman is as blasphemous as the idea that Jesus was gay. Either way, such intolerance is not in keeping with the teachings of Jesus. When I ask myself ‘What would Jesus do?’ the answer always comes back that he would accept and permit same sex couples to marry.

What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Same Sex Weddings and Wedding Photography

  1. First off congratulations on sharing your point of view. No doubt some will applaud and some will not.. I hope that your honesty and integrity are rewarded though. I dont understand telling anyone two consenting adults who are capable of making their own decisions that they can not marry. I have no issue with gay marriage. What goes on between two people is between them. How much hate, intolerance and arrogance do you have to carry around to decide what is right for someone else? Using religion is easy. Lots of people believe and you can wave it like a shield. Doesn’t make it right. I also think there should be a greater separation of church and state. ONE religion (or severals) beliefs should not help decide the law for the masses. We are all entitled to an opinion though 🙂

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