Getting Married? Time for Some Casual Engagement Photos

I love doing engagement photoshoots and I keep them fun, relaxed and quick. Most people have never really spent much time in front of a camera and it can be daunting. That’s why engagement photos are a great thing to do. There’s no pressure, they can be lots of fun, they don’t have to take hours and you get to see what it’s all about. You also get to experience what your wedding photographer is like to work with and make sure you ‘click’ together (yes, atrocious pun fully intended).

The thing most people don’t realise when it comes to wedding photography, is that the bride normally has no problem. It’s the groom who is nervous and unsure of everything.

With all this in mind I got out and about the other week with Kaila and Danny for some photos. Here’s one:

engagement photography

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