Some Commercial Photography, Truck Photographer

Another string to my bow as a professional photographer is the commercial photography that I do. One of the jobs I do regularly as a commercial photographer is photographing trucks. Being a professional truck photographer presents it's own special set of challenges and rewards. Depending on the … [Read more...]

Northern NSW Product Photography

Did you know I can also shoot products? A potential client just asked me to show them some of my small product commercial photography work isolated on a white background. If you need a product photographed give me a call. I put together a quick gallery of previous images to show them here. If you … [Read more...]

Time to Win Some Photography Awards. Why I Even Bother Trying to Play This Frustrating Game

It's that time of year again where I sit back, look through all the work I have produced over the past year and try to select images to enter into photography awards. It's difficult and frustrating. I normally end up being super critical and kick myself that my work isn't up to scratch - and then … [Read more...]

Bottle, Can, Packaging and Small Product Photography

Did you know that in addition to wedding photography, I am also an experienced commercial photographer particularly with small products. If you have small products, bottles, cans or other packaging photography requirements, getting professional photographs taken is simple and easy. Just send the … [Read more...]