Time Travelling Photographer

I’m a professional photographer and I am also a time traveller.

The new iPhone is expected to be announced next week and I will most likely buy one. My current phone is over 3 years old now and so makes for an interesting look at my life. Looking back through the photos it chronicles a remarkable journey. Appropriately the very first photo I took with my iPhone was of an aeroplane.

Scrolling through the rest of the images is like travelling through time. My children grow from being 2 and 4 year olds into (mostly) lovely young girls, we buy a new house, move, go on road trips, Christmas and birthdays pass, babies are born, school starts, people get married, sailing trips, we go to the beach (many, many times), visit Europe and have fun. Lots of fun.

I’ve only just realised it. The images I capture on my ‘proper’ cameras are the story of my professional life. The images on my telephone tell the story of my private life.

Here’s one of my favourite images from my phone. Dad hamming it up with his 70th birthday cake.