Australian Story to Feature Amazing Tale of Bride, Byron Bay Wedding Photography

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of one of the most amazing and inspirational women. When Matti and Clent were married, I got to know their story and now too is the rest of the world. I just found out that next week Australian Story on the ABC will run the first of a two part story on the bride, Matti – and trust me, it’s a must see story.

In a nutshell, Matti was among the best of the best in the Australian Army. She was seconded to the UN and was working in the Middle East when everything went pear shaped between Israel and Lebanon. Under fire, she managed to escape from the position she was in, then her convoy was attacked and she got blown up while leading them to safety. That was the military side of things. Then there was the red tape side of things.

To me, Matti is a true hero. She deserves to be awarded the highest of accolades and be held in our highest esteem. Until now her story has only been known to a few people and brushed under the carpet by Governments and Military. Basically because she was a woman caught in front line action where the Australian Government say women should not be but there’s much more to it than that. Make sure you tune in next Monday, the 17th of May.

Originally from Northern NSW, Matti returned to the area for her wedding at Casuarina Lodge in the hills behind Byron Bay. I’ll post some pics tomorrow when I am in the studio.

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  1. I love Australian Story, will definately tune in for this one. Look forward to seeing your photos tomorrow.

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