Canon 5D Mark II, tomorrow?

Strong rumour has it that the Canon 5D Mark II will be announced tomorrow, the 22nd of April. Personally, I am tipping a late August announcement. Either way I’ll be torn about making the upgrade. I have been shooting with two 5Ds and they are phenomenal cameras that still serve me exceptionally well. One of them would have taken close enough to 100000 frames, it’s been serviced and a problem fixed so it is like brand new. The other is a youngster with only about 7000 frames on the clock.

Last week I got to trial the flagship Canon camera, the Canon 1Ds Mark III. It’s a stunning piece of equipment with an appropriate price tag in excess of $10000. I’d love to have one for my stock photography but I am not sure when it comes to wedding photography.

The two main problems are how heavy it is and the amount of data it generates – and I shoot with two cameras so the load doubles. Anyway, we’ll see who wins the race. I could always do with more excercise and memory keeps getting cheaper.