Internet Browser Colour Management

The colours shown in digital photos are not the same for all images. Colours are shown in a range of different formats. Most consumer level cameras use a standard called “sRGB”. Professional level cameras take take photos in a colour standard called AdobeRGB. This standard is better because it holds more colour information in the digital file.

The problem is if you try and print and AdobeRGB file or view it in the sRGB colour space, there are a whole bunch of colour tones that sRGB can’t show or print. So it just dumps the information and prints or displays what it does understand. The result is pictures that are flat or have bad colour saturation. They lack the punch they should have.

Web browsers don’t have any colour management and pictures will look different from computer to computer and from browser to browser – until now!! The new Firefox from Mozilla has colour management. It takes a little effort to fire it up, but it is worth it. First do yourself a favour and download the new Firefox from here. Then head over here and follow the instructions to get colour management working in Firefox.