Levis 501 jeans

Just went to buy a new pair of jeans. I thought it would be a straight forward shopping trip. One pair of Levis 501’s in my size to replace the pair that now have a hole in the left knee – but no. Levis have done the Coca Cola thing and decided to mess with a classic.

Can’t buy a normal pair of 501s anymore. No, you can only buy them in a semidistressed, worn, ripped state. What’s the point of that – I’m trying to replace a ripped pair. Bah!!!

One thought on “Levis 501 jeans

  1. yeah i am having the same problem 501’s fit really good you could get them in any waist leg length etc .now they are as scarce as chicken shit in a dogs kennel . am going to try the victorian market this weekend

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