Professional Photography Awards, How Did I Go?

So how did I go at the Australian Professional Photography Awards? The answer, pretty well.

I definitely got 2 silver awards. A third image didn’t get an award but I always felt it was either going to do really, really well, or not feature – just depended on the judging panel at the time. The result for a fourth image is currently unknown. Fingers crossed for a third award.

All my images were wedding photographs, with the ‘Open Weddings’ category being the toughest fought of all the categories. Each year I think that the judges can’t possibly get more brutal in their standards but they do. These awards are extraordinarily hard to win.

A big congratulations to all the other photographers out there who got awards. Plus a hearty well done to the photographers who entered but have walked away empty handed. You had the guts to put your work on the line and you’ll only get better next year.