AIPP Member Photographers – Look for the Logo

Just thought I’d drop in a quick note about the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). The AIPP was established in 1963 with the twin objectives of:

  • “Promoting the profession of photography”
  • “Enhancing the skill and knowledge of professional photographers”
  • The AIPP is a member run organisation and the closest thing to a regulator of photographers in Australia. As it stands pretty much anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a photographer. However, in order to be a member of the AIPP one must meet minimum professional standards in work quality and business structure. We also have to commit to continuing education to further our skills. There are levels to member ship starting as student and emerging members, then moving on to become a normal member. By demonstrating excellence members can further increase their standing and move up to become Associate Members, through to Masters and Grand Masters.

    As the AIPP says “nearly 50 years after our inception, using an AIPP accredited photographer is still the best assurance you can get that your chosen photographer is a professional, skilled in the art of photography.

    If you want to be sure you are using an AIPP accredited professional photographer…..look for the logo!”

  • Truck Photography

    Some Commercial Photography, Truck Photographer

    Another string to my bow as a professional photographer is the commercial photography that I do.

    One of the jobs I do regularly as a commercial photographer is photographing trucks. Being a professional truck photographer presents it’s own special set of challenges and rewards. Depending on the client, I can sometimes have the relaxed pleasure of doing a location shoot with a truck that can be moved at will, however, almost all the time I cannot take a truck out of service for a photoshoot. When I can’t take the truck out of service I normally know which trucks are my targets, I have a series of locations in mind and I have access to their GPS tracking system.

    Then it’s a matter of logistics and luck to get the right truck in the right place at the right time with the right weather and lighting. It can take me hours (or occasionally days) to travel to a location, set up and wait. I often then have mere fractions of seconds to photograph the truck as it passes by at 100kmh. It has to be done right first time. There are no do overs. Perfect for a wedding photographer like me as I am used to high pressure photographer with no second chances.

    And sometimes I make things easier for myself like the shot below that I took for Mills Transport. In this case I was able to work quite slowly. I’d seen the speed bump and new he would have to slow right down to cross it. Perfect and relaxed. I probably had a whole 10 seconds to get the shot.

    Truck Photography

    And I get to do cool stuff. Occasionally I get to go for a drive in the trucks and when you see me next, ask about the time I stopped morning peak hour traffic in the middle of Sydney.

    Product Photography

    Northern NSW Product Photography

    Did you know I can also shoot products? A potential client just asked me to show them some of my small product commercial photography work isolated on a white background. If you need a product photographed give me a call. I put together a quick gallery of previous images to show them here.

    If you want to know more details, check this out

    Product Photography

    Product Photography

    Bottle, Can, Packaging and Small Product Photography

    Did you know that in addition to wedding photography, I am also an experienced commercial photographer particularly with small products.

    If you have small products, bottles, cans or other packaging photography requirements, getting professional photographs taken is simple and easy. Just send the item you would like photographed to David G Freund Photography, PO Box 5292, East Lismore, NSW, 2480. It will be photographed in the studio at high resolution, isolated on a pure white background, retouched to remove imperfections in the bottle or label and a clipping path added to the digital image. The completed image will then be digitally delivered to you for immediate use in print or on the internet.

    What’s it cost?

    1-5 items are $95 each + GST
    6-20 items are $75 each + GST
    21-100 items are $50 each + GST

    Please enquire about a special rate for over 100 items. These prices are for standard product shots, for more creative imagery commercial photography rates apply. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, direct deposit or credit card via Paypal. Images will be delivered after payment is made.

    Also let me know if you would like the product returned. If not, I will happily consume the product and recycle any packaging.

    If you would like a sample photograph just send me an email from my contacts page and I will send you a full size photo of the champagne bottle in the image below.

    Product Photography