Commercial Medical Photography

Medical Commercial Photography

Sometimes being a photographer opens doors to worlds most people don’t get to see. That’s exactly what happened to me when I photographed a surgeon using an intense green laser during an operation. The room was pretty much completely darkened and the light came from the very impressive and incredibly powerful sci-fi laser beam.

Commercial Medical Photography

Small Business

Small Business Commercial Photography

Looking for commercial photography for your small business? I’m currently looking for small business people to photograph for stock photography purposes. These images will be taken for free and you will be able to use them for your promotional purposes. In return I will require signed model releases for anyone in the images and a property release for the location. Classic win, win. Send me a message for more information.

Small Business

Owen Price

Working With Other Photographers For Fun and Money

This time last week I was just finishing up photographing in Hong Kong with the crew from Getty Images (especially Bill Bon) and iStock. We got to experience some extreme luxury and fantastic service at the InterContinental Grand Stanford but even better was that I was doing my shoot along side another great photographer, Owen Price.

Owen and I have worked with each other before in Berlin, London and throughout India but these photoshoots were a bit different. Bigger budgets were involved, more people, more planning and preproduction plus the budget was dealing with US dollars, Australian dollars, Hong Kong dollars and the British pound – simultaneously. We split our planning with Owen largely looking after location issues and I dealt with the models.

And it worked. It worked beautifully. We had a great time on the photoshoots. The photos produced are excellent and we plan on doing it again. Singapore? London? Paris? Istanbul? And I may even convince him to head to Singapore and Australia to do some photoshoots.

Owen Price

Click below to see more of my stock photography work

Stock Photography

Hong Kong Stock Photography and Perhaps Some Wedding Photos

I’m fresh back from Hong Kong where I have been producing stock photography images of luxury themes with the crew from iStock and Getty Images. Here is a quick video slideshow showing some of the Hong Kong luxury I captured there. Great place for some different and interesting wedding photography. If any brides are after a wedding photographer for Hong Kong, you can fly me over there. I’d love to do work photography in that great part of the world.

Click the banner below to be taken to my portfolio where you will get to see more of the images as they are finalised.

Stock photography

Next Photography Adventure Is Go

Sometimes professional photography is about putting in years and years of hard work so you know exactly how to set the camera, focus it and be in exactly the right place at the right time to get a brilliant image that everyone else sees as a lucky shot. And here is that image.

Stock photography

And in other news, while I still haven’t finished working on the stock photos I took in India, I’m about to jump on a plane for another photography adventure. This time I am heading to Hong Kong to shoot some luxury stock photography images. It’s going to be super busy.

I Won Another Award

Managed to pick up another award over the weekend. The Queensland Professional Photography Awards were judged in Brisbane. Pulled a Silver Award of this image of the Arc Du Triomphe. A bit disappointed I didn’t get more bling and do feel a touch ripped off, but I know what I need to do for the National awards in September. Game on. Two of my photographs from these awards will go to nationals (one with some slight changes) and two new images.

Next Photography Adventure. Follow Me

I’m about to abandon my family again for another photographic adventure. In the morning I am off to India for a couple of weeks to photograph the Holi colour festival among other things. Here’s how you can keep track of my adventures.

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