Owen Price

Working With Other Photographers For Fun and Money

This time last week I was just finishing up photographing in Hong Kong with the crew from Getty Images (especially Bill Bon) and iStock. We got to experience some extreme luxury and fantastic service at the InterContinental Grand Stanford but even better was that I was doing my shoot along side another great photographer, Owen Price.

Owen and I have worked with each other before in Berlin, London and throughout India but these photoshoots were a bit different. Bigger budgets were involved, more people, more planning and preproduction plus the budget was dealing with US dollars, Australian dollars, Hong Kong dollars and the British pound – simultaneously. We split our planning with Owen largely looking after location issues and I dealt with the models.

And it worked. It worked beautifully. We had a great time on the photoshoots. The photos produced are excellent and we plan on doing it again. Singapore? London? Paris? Istanbul? And I may even convince him to head to Singapore and Australia to do some photoshoots.

Owen Price

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Commercial Photography

Wedding and Commercial Photography from Lismore to Paris and London

Just uploaded a bunch of images to rotate on my front page and thought I’d share them here too.

They are a selection of wedding and commercial stock photography images I took recently in London and Paris. Now back in Lismore I am ready to do your photography in Northern NSW, and am also happy to travel to any destination you require.


Lismore, Sydney, Singapore, Paris, London, Bath, Edinburgh, London, Paris, London, Singapore, Sydney, Ballina, Lismore

If you are looking for me over the next few weeks you might find me a bit hard to pin down. I am about to head off to Europe to do some photography. I’m meeting up with some great people and have models coming from all over Europe to shoot with. I’ll mostly be in Paris and London with a few side trips. If you need to contact me, just drop me an email from my contacts page or head over to my Facebook page and send me a message. You might as well like it and keep track of my adventures.


Paris Wedding Photography

Paris. What a great place to get married. Unfortunately I wasn’t shooting a wedding while I was working in Europe. I’d love to do it though. If you’re having your wedding in Paris (or London, or Rome or wherever) go to my contacts page and drop me a message.

To get you fired up here’s a photo of the Eiffel tower I took just after watching a couple of local photographers at work with their brides and grooms.

Paris photographer

Travel Photography Tip. How to Get Great Images From Your Holidays

As I travelled around Paris I constantly encountered enormous groups of tourists armed with the latest high end camera gear. Unfortunately for them, I can pretty much guarantee that their images are terrible and they would have been better off buying some postcards and sticking to taking photographs on their telephones.

In order to get photos better than that of the average tourists you need to do something the average tourist won’t do. You need to beat them to the punch and get up early. Really early. Really, really early. If you want great photos you’ll need to be ready to shoot before the sun comes up. Sunrise in Paris tomorrow is at 5.53am.

You’ll get great light and you’ll get the rarest of things in Paris. No crowds.

And you will be done with plenty of time to put the camera down and enjoy the sights. You’ll be first in line for the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Musee Dorsay, everything. The queues for the usual sights don’t normally start building until 8am (but by 8.10am they are already enormous) and opening times tend to be 9am or 9.30am.

Here’s an image I made of Notre Dame Cathedral with only a few cleaners around. Bliss.

Paris photographer

Paris photography

International Stock Photography from Paris, Berlin and London

Im just back from a photography expedition through Europe. I’ve visited Paris, Berlin and London shooting various landmarks, models and scenes of everyday life. These images will be going to my stock photography portfolio. I’ll show off some of the imagery as I work through it.

For now, here’s a beautiful early morning image of the Eiffel Tower taken before the tourists arrived.

Paris photography