Commercial Medical Photography

Medical Commercial Photography

Sometimes being a photographer opens doors to worlds most people don’t get to see. That’s exactly what happened to me when I photographed a surgeon using an intense green laser during an operation. The room was pretty much completely darkened and the light came from the very impressive and incredibly powerful sci-fi laser beam.

Commercial Medical Photography

commercial photography

Smoking Hot Family Photos

Sending out good vibes and wishes to everyone sweltering across Australia this week in the hot, hot summer. Here’s a greeting and some ‘coolth’ from a photo shoot I did in London a few weeks back.

commercial photography

engagement photography

Christmas and New Year Engagements, Your Wedding Photographer Is Ready

Ladies and gentlemen, did you get engaged at Christmas or New Years? Congratulations. Particularly to anyone who managed to get a free fireworks show as part of the engagement. Time to start planning for the wedding and I know a great, friendly wedding photographer who is ready to create beautiful images of your wedding. Me.

Drop me a message from my contacts page or head over to Facebook (like me) and send a message from there.

engagement photography

Commercial Photography

Wedding and Commercial Photography from Lismore to Paris and London

Just uploaded a bunch of images to rotate on my front page and thought I’d share them here too.

They are a selection of wedding and commercial stock photography images I took recently in London and Paris. Now back in Lismore I am ready to do your photography in Northern NSW, and am also happy to travel to any destination you require.


Commando Steve Comes to Lismore

I had a fun weekend. Got to hang out with and photograph the one and only Commando Steve from The Biggest Loser. Steve was invited to Lismore by the crew at Nine12 Fitness Centre to run a bootcamp training session and seminar. After photographing the first session I was invited to gear up and join in the second training session with a bunch of fitness trainers and other athletes. Great fun, top bloke.


If you would like to see more photos, there are a bunch on my Facebook page here.

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New Package Details and Pricelists, I Want Your Feedback

I’m about to completely redo my photography price lists from scratch. Here’s your chance to tell me what you want and how much you want to pay for it. Weddings, portraits, anything – please let me know what you would expect to receive and how much you would expect to pay. Just send me a message from the contacts page or via Facebook.

And as an incentive – the most helpful responder gets a free portrait photoshoot. Also, please go like my page at

wedding photography

Commercial Stock Photography Photoshoots

One of the ironies of my work is that I often photograph the weddings of couples from overseas, and shoot stock photography with international markets in mind. My stock work also is paid in US dollars but I have never worked there. Until now.

I’m just back from a couple of weeks working in Los Angeles doing some commercial stock photography for Getty Images and iStockphoto. The images taken will soon be available for license but I am also available for commercial photography assignments here is Australia especially for businesses in the Lismore, Ballina and Byron Bay areas of Northern NSW.

Here’s a quick selection of some if the images from the photoshoots I did in LA around Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Next photo adventure looks like being another trip to London later in the year to do some work a little different to what you might normally expect. This imagery isn’t going to be about all things British and I’m excited by what I may be able to capture in my camera.

North coast wedding photography

Exquisite, Stunning, Stylish, Opulent Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer there are things I love to see at the weddings I attend. The first, of course, is a couple in love. I also want to see them and their friends having fun with their families bursting with pride. After that, nothing else really matters because I see weddings as being about people in love, not about things, decorations and assorted flair. All that stuff is just a bonus. But what a great and stunning bonus it can be. This was exactly the case for Jasen and Katrina’s Lismore wedding.

This was the far north NSW society wedding of the year. Two wonderful people, respected businesspeople, high profile people – getting married in a highly anticipated ceremony. And it was perfect.

The stylish, timeless elegance of a black tie formal wedding, a traditional church ceremony, a fairytale horse and carriage, a stunning wedding gown, a clear marquee for the reception lit by chandeliers and candelabra, gold and white colour theme, with food from one of the best chefs in the country.

Was it great? No, it was better than that. It was a phenomenal wedding. And on to some wedding photos.

Fashion photography

Biker Girls Fashion Photography in Lismore

Sometimes being a photographer really is all people think it is – pure unmitigated fun. There’s a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to bring together four fabulous models, a dozen classic motorbikes and two massive muscle cars in an empty city block but it was all worth it.

To be honest I couldn’t believe the bikes that turned up – a few Triumphs, BMWs, a couple of Ducattis, a Norton and an Ariel. An Ariel with a sidecar!! I would have loved to have had more time to play with the bikes but the guys were dropping by as a favour and were keen to hit the road. I also had a 56 Chev hotrod and a worked Ford F100 at my disposal in the deserts streets and lane ways of the Lismore CBD – a great location to photograph in.

If you are interested in some fashion photography for your shop or clothing label, or commercial photography of any kind. Drop me a line from my contacts page. I can do a shoot for you that will really make you stand out from your competition.

Special thanks goes to the members of the Northern Rivers Classic Motorcycle Club, Wal & Bianca and Andrew.

And for my father. Yes Dad, the pics are meant to be black and white. But here’s a colour one just for you.

Lismore commercial photography