Working With Other Photographers For Fun and Money

This time last week I was just finishing up photographing in Hong Kong with the crew from Getty Images (especially Bill Bon) and iStock. We got to experience some extreme luxury and fantastic service at the InterContinental Grand Stanford but even better was that I was doing my shoot along side another great photographer, Owen Price.

Owen and I have worked with each other before in Berlin, London and throughout India but these photoshoots were a bit different. Bigger budgets were involved, more people, more planning and preproduction plus the budget was dealing with US dollars, Australian dollars, Hong Kong dollars and the British pound – simultaneously. We split our planning with Owen largely looking after location issues and I dealt with the models.

And it worked. It worked beautifully. We had a great time on the photoshoots. The photos produced are excellent and we plan on doing it again. Singapore? London? Paris? Istanbul? And I may even convince him to head to Singapore and Australia to do some photoshoots.

Owen Price

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