Exquisite, Stunning, Stylish, Opulent Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer there are things I love to see at the weddings I attend. The first, of course, is a couple in love. I also want to see them and their friends having fun with their families bursting with pride. After that, nothing else really matters because I see weddings as being about people in love, not about things, decorations and assorted flair. All that stuff is just a bonus. But what a great and stunning bonus it can be. This was exactly the case for Jasen and Katrina’s Lismore wedding.

This was the far north NSW society wedding of the year. Two wonderful people, respected businesspeople, high profile people – getting married in a highly anticipated ceremony. And it was perfect.

The stylish, timeless elegance of a black tie formal wedding, a traditional church ceremony, a fairytale horse and carriage, a stunning wedding gown, a clear marquee for the reception lit by chandeliers and candelabra, gold and white colour theme, with food from one of the best chefs in the country.

Was it great? No, it was better than that. It was a phenomenal wedding. And on to some wedding photos.