Similarly, coach Mike Sullivan said, would have to believe

stars are the gladiators of the entertainment industry In an interactive chat session, fitness expert Samreedhi Goel offered tips to our readers on losing weight and staying fit. For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript of the chat. U should do resistance training for 30 40 minutes 3 … [Read more...]

Canada Soccer enters new era under Reed with approval of

I believe that our canine friends can understand some of the things we say. Of course, they don't understand our every word. When I say the word "work" to my dogs, they do not respond as a human might. So Husband finished the year long contract at Te Hoe, a neighbour bought his cows, and it was back … [Read more...]

Wedding Tip for a Super Stylish Groom


Want a great way to make your groom look that bit extra special on your wedding day? Then try this. Have him tie his tie with an Eldredge Knot. Or if you are having a Christian wedding ceremony you could go with the Trinity Knot. Yes, they are tricky but well worth the effort to do something a … [Read more...]

Another Country Wedding Photography Album

Country wedding photography

Another wedding photography album is about to arrive in the studio. This one for Kate and Craig. Perfect example of how it doesn't matter if it rains on your wedding day. Just have fun with it. … [Read more...]

New Wedding Photography Albums on the Way

Beach wedding photography

I'm expecting a bunch of wedding photography albums to be delivered to the studio in the next week or so. Including one from Nicolette and Brett's beach wedding. Always exciting to get new albums in for wonderful clients. … [Read more...]

For each of the things you like about your idea

tiny baby panda gets a snuggle from mom picture Canada Goose Parka store Meanwhile, a more affordable option may be to simply get a basic environmental management papers. The trouble is that these plans normally take on a very generic and unspecific tone to provide its objective for several … [Read more...]

Are you interested in tattoo inspired clothing? Then you might

There is much more focus on durability in the Home Appliance market, for example. The lonely Maytag Repair Man is not trying to convince you that he represents a stylish washing machine, he is reassuring you that his brand is built to last. Once the decision is made to invest in a new washing … [Read more...]

2014 packages


Congratulations on your engagement and thankyou for considering me as your photographer. Who I am… I developed my wedding photography skills in the intense and discerning market of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The weddings I have photographed have ranged from simple elopements on the beach to the … [Read more...]

New Package Details and Pricelists, I Want Your Feedback

wedding photography

I'm about to completely redo my photography price lists from scratch. Here's your chance to tell me what you want and how much you want to pay for it. Weddings, portraits, anything - please let me know what you would expect to receive and how much you would expect to pay. Just send me a message from … [Read more...]

The fire destroyed the 665 unit Blacksand Executive Lodge

As part of a season long celebration of the 100th anniversary of the nickname Tourists, Asheville's pro baseball franchise will have six jersey giveaway nights during the 2015 season at McCormick Field."Baseball has a long and storied history in Asheville and at McCormick Field, and we're looking … [Read more...]

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