Free Professional Photography. Interested? Read On.

How would you like to have some professional portrait photography at a price to good to resist – free?

Photographs like the ones below:

Here’s the deal. We do a photoshoot, you get a disc of images to print for your own personal use. In return you will be my ‘models’. Your modelling fee is paid with the disc of images. You’ll get a selection of images that are Photoshopped for me to use as stock photography.

I am one of Australia’s best selling stock photographers – stock photography are images I take speculatively and then put into stock libraries to sell to third party users – and I am on the lookout for more models. Individuals are good, couples are great, families even better.

It’s a fun and relaxed photoshoot. You’ll probably just be doing things you would do normally. Logos, images and artwork on clothes are a big no no in stock photography so you’ll need to wear simple and plain clothing.

Interested in finding out more, just go to my contacts page and send me a message.

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